Yes there is such a thing , very rare , but it does occur. the condition occurs when a bright moon is low in the horizon at the viewer’s back  shining onto a light rain in the distant .  A moonbow is basically a rainbow at night where the source of light is the moon instead of the sun.  This is a rare occurrence because the moon is only bright for a short period, full moon rises after dark, and of course there has to be rain  in front of the viewer while his back is to the moon, but not enough cloud cover to shade the moon.  Waimea , Hawaii is a very good location for moonbow viewing especially on road 250 toward Hawi  due to the Kohala Mountain Ranch running north south, trade winds pile up clouds then sprinkle rain east to west. The moon rises over the mountain then with the right amount of rain and cloud cover, we have a moonbow. There are more moonbow images on my Flickr. Also note that Venus was the brightest i have ever seen.

5 Replies to “moonbow”

  1. Hai, awesome possom thanks for sharing this. remember we were going to hunt for moonbows some night in waimea but we never did.

  2. thanks sherry. the street i live on is an excellent location to spot them. i saw them twice in last two weeks. it is best to look for them when the moon is full and low. i think where you are you can catch them as the full moon is setting.

  3. My daughter and I had the pleasure of riding the U.S.S. Nimitz from Honolulu to San Diego last September and we experienced a moonbow out at sea. How did you get the photo? The color anyway. Nothing I did got the photo that night. Now I can show my husband what this is. I think he believes that I made it up!

  4. Melissa,
    thanks for your comment. to take the photo of a moon bow you will need:
    1. a tripod or something that your camera can sit on.
    2. film speed ISO 200, F stop @ f2.8, and shutter speed at 5-6 secs.
    3. set your camera on timer.

    i hope this will help.

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