ordinary day

Sunday. I worked until late last night, a deadline, I was distracted for a moment by another purple red day’s end. From my desk, I looked out, over and down the slope from 3000 feet to the pacific ocean 12 miles away. Clouds piled up purple, back lit red ; the walls inside my place are saturated with the same fading light that was draining toward night. I took a breath and vowed that I will not let many more moments like that passed without my participation. I live in Hawaii.

This morning I slipped into the cool water of a place called 69 Beach. I swim here when I can. Today the water is green instead of blue. There was an off shore. What is so special about an ordinary such as today? Well, it is ordinary enough that I would not want it to be anything else. Life is good as my friend Will Bemben often says.

One Reply to “ordinary day”

  1. Yeah Man. I dig it. For some reason it reminds me of when we rolled that giant snow ball down New Chapel Road from the church. Enjoy Natures offering my friend.

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