wiliwili tree seeds and seedling

I collected more seeds from a group of wiliwili trees just outside of Kamuela ,Hawaii in the shadow of Pu’u Huluhulu. Wiliwili seeds resemble kidney beans. My intent is to propagate these plants by starting them from seeds. Seeds are collected as the drop to the ground. The soil underneath these trees are dry and free of any germination from seedlings. I scouted at each visit but fail to see any starters. There are still seeds in pods on the branches so hopefully there will be more seeds to be collected. This stand of trees appear healthy.

Most seeds are damaged by parasitic wasp as evident by small pin hole(s). Others and i have tried to germinate the damage seeds without success. Inert seeds are dark brown or maroon while live ones are red or orange. Damages occur while seeds are still on the branches.

I did have a successful germination by simply inserting the seed in dirt and keeping the soil moist. the seed sprouted in about one week.

Wiliwili trees are endemic Hawaii plants and are threatened.

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