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    1. Desiree,
      Thank you for visiting this blog and your questions. I did a small survey of the wiliwili trees in the Waimea and Pu Wawa of Hawaii last year so i saw the results of two prior years. I judge the tree’s health by the abundance and the color of its leaves. My assumption is that healthy trees also flower and then seed, but only the plants in Waimea have seeds and not the ones in Puu WaWa. It could be that seeds were collected from the Puu Wawa trees or it could also mean that these trees are not producing seeds because they are infected. So to answer you questions, the trees that are infected are very sad looking. They have few leaves and all those that they do have were all stunted and curled grotesquely. The good news is that there are healthy trees with abundance dark green leaves and produce plentiful bright red orange seeds in Waimea.

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