deepwater horizon response site spins positive light on BP and oil spill

Deepwater Horizon Response,  DHR, Unified Command providing information regarding the Gulf Coast Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill as stated on the site,  is a Facebook site that provides news and updates for the worst man made oil spill catastrophe in the United States  is becoming more and more a public relation arm for BP. Its latest posting on June 5, 2010 states  ” NOAA and Fla. Dept. of Environmental Protection conducted observation flight in C-130 Saturday. They flew 200 miles offshore Florida and observed a light sheen, one-ten millionth of a meter thick, too thin for a boat to see it. Businesses, visitors and residents should not perceive the oil slick will be soon impacting Florida. Spill trajectory updated daily. Another overflight likely in a few days.”  enraged many of its 30,000 plus members. This statement was made Sunday while news reported of tar balls showing up in Pensacola Beach, Florida as early as Friday June 4, 2010: This announcement discredits the site as a reliable source for information and updates. Facebook members on the site immediately replied and made known that they are frustrated with DHR latest attempt to make light of the impending impact of the oil spill radiating far from its original source, and accused DHR of  acting as public relation for BP.  The site has received criticisms from many of its members for ignoring their suggestions and solutions. They complained that DHR only responses to its own postings. The site’s updates often lack far behind major news organizations like The New York Times, for example,  and light on reporting the truth.  DHR site members often post information they gathered almost instantaneous. Members provided moment by moment statuses from BP’s live feed during its many attempts to capture the oil.  Many who joined the site believed that it is the best site to get information regarding the oil spill, how to help and where to send suggestions, but they soon learn that the site has evolved to only a place where members can vent their frustrations.

Visitors to the site will notice that some members are more vocal and spend more time perusing the site as indicated by friends and supporters they gained.  Most are knowledgeable and care deeply about finding solutions, but they feel their efforts are ignored, and  then they are fed with lies and half truths by BP and  Deepwater Horizon Response.

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