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cell phone and insomnia

I am a good sleeper. Sleep overwhelms me in matters of ten to fifteen breaths, not minutes. Gone until morning. Then enter the cell phones, first it was a Razr then Iphones, things begin to change.  With a cell phone on and beside my bed,  my sleeps, more particular my normal pleasant dreams changed into endless loops that started innocently as a task i needed to solve. For example, a task could as simple as reaching in a drawer to get an object out, yet i could never do it so the dream sequence starts over and over again. I am frustrated enough in these dreams to try to wake up from it, thus triggering a restless half asleep half awake state that would last for hours.

 First I blame coffee, but the cell phone gave itself away as the culprit when I begin turn it off at night to avoid get woken up by calls or text messages. Drinking the same amount of coffee during the day everyday I, however, slept better on nights with the phone turned off.  

Now I go a step further, turn the thing off and move it as far away from my bed as possible. Endless loop dreams and bad sleeps are gone and only reappear when i make the mistake of leaving it on and near by during my sleep. It is that consistent.  So, turn off your cell phone, wireless router at night, and move electronics as far away from your brain as possible during bed time to lessen interference with your sweet dreams and sleep. Of course, you could also wear an aluminum foil helmet to bed and blog about the result of your own experiment. 


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