Airships to remove carbon from air


Two related articles from NPR about mechanically removing CO2 from the air motivate me to write about a concept that I have thought about. When I first came up with my idea to use airships to remove smog and carbon dioxide from the air, I reason that it is plausible with the technology already in use or if not, could be easily invented. The scale and economy of these floating, flying air cleaners will naturally work themselves out. The articles from NPR indicate that prototype plants and equipment are already in operation. Now the challenge is to get them in the air above the cities, along the highway corridors where they will be most effective.

We understand how leaves and trees work. They photosynthesize, breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen. It is a chemical process so simple plants can do it. I want you to imagine man-made creatures that rises into the air heated by the sun. Its thin skin absorb the sunlight, stores energy, makes energy and at the same time convert carbon into oxygen. Creatures such as the Strandbeest created by Theo Jansen and powered by wind. Now I want you to expand your mind a little more and visualize these man-made creatures all different sizes up to a mile in diameter or more lift themselves over Beijing and clean the air.

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2 Replies to “Airships to remove carbon from air”

    1. hi Karen, thank you for visiting my site. Yes i saw how beautiful and fragile looking they are and the way they float about in the water. I just these air cleaners can have the same aesthetics.

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