white tip shark


Long views of manta rays feeding and just being graceful

Long views of manta rays feeding and just being graceful

Chicken Crisis

Fast forward to three month after the arrival of four chickens, the working and personal relationship between the guy who feeds them has spiraled downward to a crisis: a stand-off. The chickens arrived to a pristine roach infested yard to which they are free to range. Two of them produced much desired eggs for the […]

old dog walking

On a winding road that rises 1500 feet from to a small fishing town , Miloli’i, on the edge of the ocean south of Kona on the Island of Hawaii, there are white signs with neatly printed letters. When all of six of us in the car saw the sign as we proceed up hill, […]

turtle and mantas

I wanted to capture mantas that are feeding at Kawaihae break wall, but instead this turtle got my attention. I did get a shot of the mantas, but it was fleeting. from posted with vodpod

letter from ben harris

This letter was post marked 05 may 2007. Ben Harris now works and lives in NewYork State at an organic diary farm. I am glad that Ben is there observing what is right about our world.