lunar eclipse 2007.08.27-28

Five of us lit a fire and settled in for another night sky show. The full moon was almost too bright to look at directly. We laid on our backs and joked about getting a moon burn under all that silvery black and white light. The moon was the diva and she was not going to be upstaged by the usual night circus of constellations and ridiculously over dressed and over jeweled Milky Way. At eleven, act two, she donned a shadow that eventually grew into the phases that would normally take half a month for her to perform. Clouds came in and out to dramatize the transformation process. As her brightness faded, the chorus of stars filled in, and the Milky Way popped out of the darkened sky. Faintly at first,the moon begun to blush, she reflected what she saw, a sunset and a sunrise simultaneously as we, the audience on the dark side of earth, moved directly in front of the sun.

Act three, the climax; she became an orange three dimensional object under a cloudless sky full of stars. Was she imitating the sun or was it Mars? She also reminded some of us of a fish egg or an embryo. It took time for her to move out of the earth’s shadow so she treated us with an amazing and unforgettable performance.