The following is an excerpt from a body of work in progress that relates my family’s personal experience during the events that occurred in Saigon, Viet Nam, on April 28th through the 30th, in 1975. Saigon fell to the communists on April 29th. I was eleven years old at the time. Noise and wind from […]

Hien On’s Life

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about Henry

I cried for the man that I am to become. I cried because I was not as gentle to him on his last week as I needed to be. He left alone in the house, in the kitchen and in the middle off his lunch. He left quietly, soon after his birthday. No fuss no […]

cursed life

It is a curse to not be friends with your parents. They came to visit me yet I was basically mean to them. No not always, but I wished that I love them enough to be close , to share things and talk like friends would , but in the end the burden of years […]