a cool glass of water

Laid out for all eyes Under an unsympathetic Sun’s daily march overhead Brown, red, dirt and rock Sprinkled with gray grass And worn trees is a Manmade landscape Cleaned by goats Here is clarity Limited only by Your attention span Living things were erased Only deep gulches And dry streams remember Left for dead? Hardly […]

gj huli huli chicken

GJ Huli Huli Chicken is the best on the island. Gil and Jonalyn Tabafunda have been at this location for over eight years. Gil sets up in the parking lot of Blue Dragon on Friday mornings and stay until 4-5 pm or when their food runs out.  Menu: Rotisserie chicken, pork and beef ribs. Plate lunch with […]

a quiet moment


makeahua gets its water

Rain came late last night bringing happy gurgling sounds to a desert stream in perpetual thirst.  It is the tiny little things in the miracle of life.

makeahua gulch hike

Yes in my back yard, definitely: canyons, gulches, dry streams, dry water falls within half a mile where I typed. My Sunday foray into the Hawaii desert yielded more surprises like 60 to 100 foot drop from the lips of dormant water falls in the dry Makeahua gulch and it tributaries. My hike started from my […]

wiliwili tree survey waimea 2009.04.11

  Lalamilo Farm, Kamuela, Hawaii. Two volunteers , Laura Anderson and Francesca Goldberg, and I did a brief survey of the wiliwili trees mauka of Lalamino Farms. Our objective is to collect seeds, located the trees using Iphone Google Maps, and note their conditions. We use a simple designation to note their health: H1, H2, […]

wiliwili tree pests

    Bruchid beetles (Specularis impressithorax) emerged from wiliwili seeds collected in September 2008. These seeds were stored in a glass jar for six months. the beetles lay dormant inside the seed and eat their way out through little hatches. One seed was infested with six beetles. Finding them emerged after a six months hibernation […]