ordinary day

Sunday. I worked until late last night, a deadline, I was distracted for a moment by another purple red day’s end. From my desk, I looked out, over and down the slope from 3000 feet to the pacific ocean 12 miles away. Clouds piled up purple, back lit red ; the walls inside my place are saturated with the same fading light that was draining toward night. I took a breath and vowed that I will not let many more moments like that passed without my participation. I live in Hawaii.

This morning I slipped into the cool water of a place called 69 Beach. I swim here when I can. Today the water is green instead of blue. There was an off shore. What is so special about an ordinary such as today? Well, it is ordinary enough that I would not want it to be anything else. Life is good as my friend Will Bemben often says.

letter from ben harris

This letter was post marked 05 may 2007. Ben Harris now works and lives in NewYork State at an organic diary farm. I am glad that Ben is there observing what is right about our world.