man made catastrophe

letter to president Obama regarding relief wells

Dear Mr President Obama, Re: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster Relief Wells Thank you for your continuing effort in this catastrophe. I have devoted a great deal of time and energy to find solutions and inform friends and strangers of the issues at hand. I have written letters to you, Admiral Allen and Secretary Chu […]

annular gasket for emergency stop flow of underwater oil well

For annular gaskets for emergency stop flow at underwater oil well to function, the blow out preventer,BOP, must be removed to expose the well shaft. Damaged drill string or debris must also be removed from the well  using drill head or other means. This design is based on the annular blow out preventer that normally sits at the top […]

letter to secretary chu regarding the gulf of mexico oil spill

Dear Secretary Chu, I want to thank you for rolling up your sleeves to help by leading and lending your knowledge to BP to help them through this largest man made catastrophe. Since you are intimate with the on going effort and you have been in the room with the BP’s brightest minds, will you […]

US is defenseless against man made catastrophe

As we entered into the seventh week of the largest man-made oil spill catastrophe in the United States, the nation’s effort to reach solutions matches the glacial pace of British Petroleum attempts to contain the oil. Investigations into the accident, however, were quick to form, but as the investigations began to shed light on the […]

letter to admiral thad allen regarding the gulf of mexico oil spill

Dear Admiral Thad Allen, I wish to thank you and the United States Coast Guards’ effort in the Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill so far. I realized that you are dealing with a unique situation that is growing out of proportion. If this was a military threat you and our nation would be better prepared. […]

letter to president obama regarding the oil spill

Dear Mister President Obama, I wish to thank you and your administration’s effort in the Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill so far. I feel that I can speak for many of us who are also standing by to watch in horror and sadness that this catastrophe is on going and will continue until August and […]

deepwater horizon response site spins positive light on BP and oil spill

Deepwater Horizon Response,  DHR, Unified Command providing information regarding the Gulf Coast Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill as stated on the site,  is a Facebook site that provides news and updates for the worst man made oil spill catastrophe in the United States  is becoming more and more a public relation arm for BP. Its latest […]