white tip shark



what is the bottom of the ocean but a blueish green humid day?

a quiet moment



  Branches burn into coals twin fires for a birthday darkness wrapped us tight on the break wall over came january night sky stars and planets stare blinking at their reflections A shimmering watery avenue lit far to the horizon under Venus bright as Moon

kawaihae break wall

I was chatty and played the guitar much better, the notes came out in all the right places, after a long session of tumbling around in the waves. I took a couple of big drops on this first big day of surfs at Kawaihae. Sets after sets arrived, dumped their frothy loads in a hurry […]

turtle and mantas

I wanted to capture mantas that are feeding at Kawaihae break wall, but instead this turtle got my attention. I did get a shot of the mantas, but it was fleeting. from http://www.facebook.com posted with vodpod

earth day

Baba Dioum once said ” for in the end, we will only conserve what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.” On land in the realm of our observation, we can see what disturbed us enough about our environment to urge us to do something […]