red poinciana

living under the spread

of royal flamboyant

orange red flowers

a childhood tree

in another life

boys and girls

in school uniform

blue and white

shade to play in

root buttresses to climb over

cicadas hours under

the tropic sun

we ran hard

and out played

teacher’s scorns

arithmetic on hard benches

cheap purple ink

pen scratched words

and stained fingers

hot and drenched

boys’ vigor

we ran

and ran more

thirty four years

rolled and rolled

until I am dropped off

under this royal poinciana


red flowers rain

fell without wind

straight down

a girl walks slowly

in twilight fragrance

of blooming mock orange

and lingering white plumeria

she waves

A calm evening

waits for a breath of wind

on moist skin

i waved

she is on the phone


paradise is hot

if not for breaths

to sway trees

and ruffle waves


breathe in

breathe out



sunshine is heart

ocean isĀ  body

and wind…

wind makes joy

Palms play

and waves sing

breathe in

breath out