sato residence


Site Plan

In this 2400 SF house, each main component is separated from one another. The living, dining and kitchen are separated from the master bedroom by the lanai. The guest quarter is separated from the rest but is linked by a bridge over a koi pond. All are connected by a covered walkway. The house opens eastward to a future garden and fruit orchard with Mauna Kea, the highest peak on the Island of Hawaii, in the background.

The overall concept is to celebrate life in this very mild climate. Outdoor and indoor living are less apparent. The master bedroom has a roof under the main roof. This is a loose interpretation of how Ancient Hawaiians lived outdoor and often slept under tree canopies. The house utilizes photovoltaic panels for a hybrid solar energy system. Passive lighting is acheived through wall width sliding glass doors and translucent wall panels. Cooling is achieved through cross ventilation. Grey water is recycled to use for flushing toilets and gardening. Water is a high commodity at this location, so rain water from roof runoff is collected to containment tank under the lanai. Once this is filled and excess water will overflow into the koi pond.


An ofuro, Japanese bath, is located in a private garden in between buildings. The pattern of structure, outdoor space, and garden is repeated throughout.

fins architecture llc.

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