aleut basalt stone tool, found 1998, unalaska, alaska

This object appear to be a stone tool found amongst a beach pebble rubble at the site of the Museum of the Aleutians in Margaret Bay in 1998, date and origin unknown. According to Rick Knecht, former Museum of the Aleutians Director, “What you have there(sic) is what we call a flake knife- which is just a flake of stone produced during the manufacture of stone tools, which was then retouched- or sharpened for use as an expedient cutting tool- then tossed afterward. It is probably the most common artifact on Unalaska so I think you can keep it with a clean conscience. It is made of basalt and judging by where you found it- was probably made around 3,000 years ago. Common- but still cool. Odds are very good that other tools made and used by the person who dropped it are contained somewhere in the very building you designed. History has an interesting symmetry to it.”