letter to president Obama regarding relief wells

Dear Mr President Obama,

Re: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster Relief Wells

Thank you for your continuing effort in this catastrophe. I have devoted a great deal of time and energy to find solutions and inform friends and strangers of the issues at hand. I have written letters to you, Admiral Allen and Secretary Chu once already regarding the removal of the blow out preventer in order to get at the oil flow directly, thus allowing multiple ways to stop the flow 100% using known, off the shelf technologies and methods. Gathering from the general public comments and from what I read in the news, there is a division between a major goal of the public to stop the oil flow 100% and your administration’s main objective: to allow BP to continue extracting oil while concentrating your effort to make certain they will compensate for their damages. I applaud your administration effort, but I also will not accept that all is being done to honor the wishes of the people of this country.

The relief wells that supposedly will arrive like the Calvary to save us all are being drill using the same technology that Deepwater Horizon Well, DHW, was drilled with. DHW was delayed due to the same geological and technical challenges that these two relief wells will encounter. Their approval process by MMS was rushed due to this emergency. Given the performance of BP to date, I am very concerned that soon we will have three or more holes to fill in a very near future. At the Congressional hearing 6.15.2010, I learned that there are inherent risks, such as gas blow outs, to wells drilled partially, even before they hit the oil reservoir.

The DHW has a broken drill string 13,000 ft long still inside of it. If effort to stop the flow of oil 100% in this well using the bottom, relief wells, kill method, BP engineers will still have to deal with oil that will be leaking up through that drill string inside the stricken well. Unless efforts are made to cap the drill string also no amount of cement or concrete will stop the flow of oil.

I highly suggest that your administration devote energy to make certain that BP plan for relief wells has back up plans of their back up plans.

In the event that stopping the oil flow100% is not a goal of your administration and BP, then please tell the American people immediately, so we will stop trying to help with solutions.

Thank you for your time. We all want to help so please help us.

Hai V On

letter to president obama regarding the oil spill

Dear Mister President Obama,

I wish to thank you and your administration’s effort in the Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill so far. I feel that I can speak for many of us who are also standing by to watch in horror and sadness that this catastrophe is on going and will continue until August and beyond. We all want to help Mister President, we want to help so badly that we may do drastic things if we do not see results soon. I know that you get thousand of letters that you and your staff may never get to answer, but I dare to think that I may be heard.

I read that you are doing everything that you can and BP is also doing everything that they can. But as a cynical public I know, my common sense tells me that I am not hearing the truth. The solution to the oil spill has to be for the United States Government to stop the oil leak now. The solution will not come from BP because their every failed attempts so far were to “contain”, more exact to extract, the oil. We all know this has been their objective from the beginning.

A solution no one dare to mentioned is to remove the blow out preventer , BOP, that stands in the way of so many other solutions to cap this well. The oil industry has many tools and equipment already made and available to cap and fill this well, but all is moot when the BOP stands in the way. Everything has not been done because BP goals is still to extract. The American people’s goal on the other hand is to stop the flow off oil now and not August. We cannot settle for anything other than a 100% success.

We as the citizen of this great country need you to protect us. We are being harmed, and our future poisoned. Please do not let this be a Pearl Harbor and 9-11, where early warnings went unnoticed. This man made, man caused disaster will surpass both of those historic events in terms of damage to the economy and natural resources. If you must treat it as an act of aggression to this country in order for you to mobilize this country to protect itself, then please do so.

Thank you very much for your time Mister President.


Hai Van On

blow out preventer dress me up game

You can amaze your friends and impress the US government and its people with this easy, fun and exiting game that is as real as it gets with out having to leave the comfort of your home. Just cut out the solution(s)then attach it on the Blow Out Preventer, BOP and try your hand at covering up the yucky black oil that is spilling out the top and filling up the Gulf of Mexico. Pretend that you are a courageous remote operating vehicle or ROV pilots moving these cut-outs at a mile under the ocean and move them into position above the BOP. Feel free to add your own solutions and send them to EPA, NOAA, the USCG, the President of the United States, Deep Water Horizon Response, and at the very last resort to the brilliant engineers at BP. Good luck and have tons of fun.

Download the PDF version here.