letter to president Obama regarding relief wells

Dear Mr President Obama,

Re: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster Relief Wells

Thank you for your continuing effort in this catastrophe. I have devoted a great deal of time and energy to find solutions and inform friends and strangers of the issues at hand. I have written letters to you, Admiral Allen and Secretary Chu once already regarding the removal of the blow out preventer in order to get at the oil flow directly, thus allowing multiple ways to stop the flow 100% using known, off the shelf technologies and methods. Gathering from the general public comments and from what I read in the news, there is a division between a major goal of the public to stop the oil flow 100% and your administration’s main objective: to allow BP to continue extracting oil while concentrating your effort to make certain they will compensate for their damages. I applaud your administration effort, but I also will not accept that all is being done to honor the wishes of the people of this country.

The relief wells that supposedly will arrive like the Calvary to save us all are being drill using the same technology that Deepwater Horizon Well, DHW, was drilled with. DHW was delayed due to the same geological and technical challenges that these two relief wells will encounter. Their approval process by MMS was rushed due to this emergency. Given the performance of BP to date, I am very concerned that soon we will have three or more holes to fill in a very near future. At the Congressional hearing 6.15.2010, I learned that there are inherent risks, such as gas blow outs, to wells drilled partially, even before they hit the oil reservoir.

The DHW has a broken drill string 13,000 ft long still inside of it. If effort to stop the flow of oil 100% in this well using the bottom, relief wells, kill method, BP engineers will still have to deal with oil that will be leaking up through that drill string inside the stricken well. Unless efforts are made to cap the drill string also no amount of cement or concrete will stop the flow of oil.

I highly suggest that your administration devote energy to make certain that BP plan for relief wells has back up plans of their back up plans.

In the event that stopping the oil flow100% is not a goal of your administration and BP, then please tell the American people immediately, so we will stop trying to help with solutions.

Thank you for your time. We all want to help so please help us.

Hai V On

annular gasket for emergency stop flow of underwater oil well

For annular gaskets for emergency stop flow at underwater oil well to function, the blow out preventer,BOP, must be removed to expose the well shaft. Damaged drill string or debris must also be removed from the well  using drill head or other means. This design is based on the annular blow out preventer that normally sits at the top of the main blow out preventer where the riser is connected. Annular gaskets are installed along the length of the emergency stop flow drill string at intervals and span as necessary to reduce upward pressure sequentially. Gasket is made of rubber designed to expand when hydraulic rams squeeze it to cut off the flow of oil. Gaskets must be closed sequentially to ease pressure to a stop. Design of drill string is typical to allow the use of fill mud or concrete to fill and close well. Drill string must be forced down through upward flow pressure, so its design must allow for oil and gas to continue to flow until drill string is deep enough for gaskets to be effective. Gaskets will also aid in maintaining the drill string center within the damaged well.

Download  Annular Gasket Design PDF

letter to secretary chu regarding the gulf of mexico oil spill

Dear Secretary Chu,

I want to thank you for rolling up your sleeves to help by leading and lending your knowledge to BP to help them through this largest man made catastrophe. Since you are intimate with the on going effort and you have been in the room with the BP’s brightest minds, will you tell me if their goals and efforts are in alignment with the citizen of the United States to stop the flow oil 100%? I feel strongly that I can speak for the majority of us who knows for certain that BP’s actions and attempts to date clearly shout containment/extraction and no where do they indicate their intent to stop the flow. We all appreciate your decision and initiative to halt the top-kill procedure for fear of additional stress to the well casing and the blow out preventer.

I want to discuss a solution no one dare to mentioned is to remove the BOP standing in the way of so many other solutions to cap this well. The oil industry has many tools and equipment already made and available to cap and fill this well, but all is moot when the BOP is in the way.

Please enlighten me on whether this option has been discussed or why has not been implemented. It is apparent that neither BP nor the Flow Rate Technical Group can determine how much the oil is escaping, then we do not have any idea how much oil will flow once the BOP is removed. Once the BOP is removed the flow of oil maybe at its maximum but it will also allow BP to cap it by traditional means with off the shelf equipment much more quickly, within days. I find it demoralizing to hear that this same nation, who has sent men to the moon, can mobilized billions of dollars to chase terrorists half way around the world, admit defeat and accept the worst case scenario of letting the oil flow until August and beyond. It is unacceptable and shameful. Everything has not been done Secretary Chu, and we all know it.

I beg that you take another risk for the sake of this beautiful nation and all its generous citizen to force the issue of removing the BOP and plug this well immediately. It is way too late to fear the amount of spilling oil, we have to put all bright minds and technology together to end the flow 100%. It is a win win situation, once this well is capped, BP will be able to start over.

I have thought this matter over a great deal and as a nation we need your help, removing the BOP is to risk doing the unthinkable but the situation we are all being held hostage under is unprecedented and requires drastic measure.

Thank you so much for your time Secretary Chu,


Hai Van On