old dog walking

On a winding road that rises 1500 feet from to a small fishing town , Miloli’i, on the edge of the ocean south of Kona on the Island of Hawaii, there are white signs with neatly printed letters. When all of six of us in the car saw the sign as we proceed up hill, everyone exclaimed “Old dog walking”. What? Seconds later we came across an old dog slowly making its way up the hill. My heart squeezed at the sight of that old dog, joints all stiff, hobbling up almost in the middle of the road. i see love in those signs carefully made and placed, for this old dog. All is well i thought, there is so much aloha here. Where is the dog going to and from that warrant two signs space about a quarter of a mile yards apart , one for up and down hill? The world is a grand place full of mysteries.