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wiliwili tree Photo by hai on — National Geographic Your Shot

wiliwili tree Photo by hai on — National Geographic Your Shot. Advertisements

walking among ancients

walking among ancients Hana Hou Hawaiian Airlines magazine write up about the work I have been doing with the wiliwili trees in Hawaii. Story by Paul Wood and photography by Josh McCullough.

wiliwili tree survey waimea 2009.04.11

  Lalamilo Farm, Kamuela, Hawaii. Two volunteers , Laura Anderson and Francesca Goldberg, and I did a brief survey of the wiliwili trees mauka of Lalamino Farms. Our objective is to collect seeds, located the trees using Iphone Google Maps, and note their conditions. We use a simple designation to note their health: H1, H2, […]

wiliwili tree pests

    Bruchid beetles (Specularis impressithorax) emerged from wiliwili seeds collected in September 2008. These seeds were stored in a glass jar for six months. the beetles lay dormant inside the seed and eat their way out through little hatches. One seed was infested with six beetles. Finding them emerged after a six months hibernation […]

wiliwili tree survey, puu waawaa

I surveyed fifteen wiliwili trees maikai, seaward, side of Highway 190 between mile 23 and 23.5. There are more trees mauka, mountain side of Hwy 190 , but I decided to start out small. Wiliwili  trees are easy to spot even from a distance because of their distinctive orange trunk and branches. They lose their […]

wiliwili trees survey

Wiliwili trees outside of Kamuela, Hawaii near Pu’u Huluhulu. Others are seen along Mamalahola Highway from mile markers 23-25.

wiliwili tree seeds and seedling

I collected more seeds from a group of wiliwili trees just outside of Kamuela ,Hawaii in the shadow of Pu’u Huluhulu. Wiliwili seeds resemble kidney beans. My intent is to propagate these plants by starting them from seeds. Seeds are collected as the drop to the ground. The soil underneath these trees are dry and […]